Monday, 29 November 2010

Breaking out.

Break me free from these skin tight chains, release the poison that's inside 
my veins, free my mind from thoughts which bring pain.

The scars have been re-opened so many times they will never heal, warm red 
blood dripping down my arms is all I can feel. 

Clenching my fists up against my face with frustration, loneliness & fear is all that I taste.
Facing the fight against this dark light, with steps missing in the stairs,
the chains weighing me down as I try to climb.
Every things a blur, can't think straight, to find a better day how long must I wait?

The poison consumes my mind,body,soul, flowing through my 
blood, it takes control.
Break me free, just let me see.
Let me climb, set me free.


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